Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Generating solar power

Solar power can be generated by converting renewable solar energy into electricity. This alternative power source can be put to several domestic and industrial uses. Solar power can be used in rural and urban places to fulfill the power demands. As an important and alternative power source it can be used by the future generations as well as it produces enormous amounts of electricity.

A device that is commonly used to generate solar power is the solar panels. It is made up of a number of individual solar cells that can convert the renewable solar energy into electric current. These devices are usually installed on roof tops where they can absorb sufficient quantities of renewable solar energy.

The solar renewable energy falls on the solar cells of the solar panel. This causes electrons to move in the solar cells resulting in the generation of an electric current because of the two different charges that are present inside the cells. This electric current gets collected by a charge controller. The charge controller controls the amount of electric current being supplied to the batteries in which the electric current can be used either for direct power supply. For solar power home, this direct current is sufficient. For commercial purposes, the direct current can be converted to alternating current.

From the total amount of solar power generated, only a small fraction is being used to meet the power needs of homes and renewable energy companies. The full potential of this alternative power source has to be realized.

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