Thursday, April 30, 2009

Solar Power

The sun is a vast inexhaustible source of energy. Solar energy is the energy transmitted from the sun in the form of electro- magnetic radiations. Although the earth receives about one half of one billionth of the total solar energy output, this tiny fraction amounts a huge amount of electricity generated.

Solar power is the energy generated from solar energy. Most of the energy in the form of solar power comes from the sun directly or indirectly. Fossil fuels are derived from living things which used and stored the sun’s energy millions of years ago. Hydro power is generated from falling water that is a part of water cycle run by the sun’s energy. Fossil fuels, water, wind etc. use solar power indirectly. Efforts are being made to use solar energy directly to generate solar power. Many devices have been developed to generate solar power efficiently and in a cost effective manner from the sun’s energy.

Today, solar power can be used as a source of energy in many ways. Solar power can be used in the form of heat. Solar heaters are devices that use solar energy directly for heating. Solar power can be used in the form of organic chemical energy through photosynthesis for making food by plants. Another form in which solar power can be used is photovoltaic power for generating electricity by means of devices called solar cells.

Solar power as an energy source is readily available for use. Solar energy needs to be properly harnessed to produce sufficient amount of solar power.

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