Saturday, April 11, 2009

Using trees to generate solar power

Solar power is the useful form of solar energy that can be put to several uses. Solar power can be obtained from the sun either in the form of thermal power or electric power. Solar power generation is the most popular use of solar energy. Trees and nano leaves are being used to trap solar energy and convert it into electricity that can power homes and cars.

Trees are fitted with nano leaves that trap the sunlight. A combination of generators like nano photovoltaic and nano thermo voltaic are used to convert the heat of the sunlight into electricity. The solar power so generated is used for powering vehicles and also for heating homes.

This technology helps in generating solar power that is efficient and cost effective. A sufficient amount of solar power is also generated by using this technology.

The use of trees for generating solar power has many advantages. It can help to reduce the amount of electricity bills by a significant amount. Also the solar power so generated will always be readily available for use because trees are a renewable source of energy. It also does not cause any pollution and does not have a negative impact on the environment. This technology also helps to reduce global warming and results in greater productivity.

The different types of trees that can be used for generating solar power are broad leaf trees, ever green trees and even shrubs can be used for this.

These types of solar power systems can be installed on ground, roofs or anywhere convenient.

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